We work with Special Needs Schools, individual adults and children. Our sessions run throughout the week except for Friday and Sunday with some after school sessions and evening times available. We receive no grants from local or national government bodies and survive on the donations of supporters and the proceeds from various group fund raising activities, strenuously pursued by supporters and volunteers.IMG_0650

Where riders are able to make a contribution to our costs, this is greatly appreciated. We suggest this be at a level based on £10 per week that a ride is booked for a rider, each week of the three terms that the group operates. If riders are unable to make such a contribution this does not preclude them from riding and contributions are regarded as of a voluntary nature.

riders2Most riders can be accommodated as we have a hoist and hydraulic lift for mounting and various other useful aids such as ladder reins and a sheepskin instead of a saddle, although we do have a 12 stone/76Kg weight limit.  Providing a rider can support him/herself when on the pony, riding can be beneficial.

Where a rider is profoundly disabled we can call upon a physiotherapist who will visit and advise.  In the very rare event of us being unable to take a rider it will be for safety reasons.