Good Friday



A huge thank you for your support…we look forward to seeing you all next year!



Entirely self-supporting the Cranleigh RDA Group raises vital funds annually

through its Good Friday Sponsored Ride to help meet its running costs. 

Please GiftAid your donations as this raises an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

Please donate to VirginMoney Giving



Sponsorship of £40 would provide:                                               Sponsorship of £60 would provide:

Four bales of bedding                                                                        One pony’s dental check

Four bales of bedding                                                                        Five rugs cleaned

Six bales of hay                                                                                     Regular worm count for all ponies


Sponsorship of £120 would provide:                          Sponsorship of £250 would provide:

Eight sacks of feed                                                                                Clip all ponies ready for winter work

All ponies shod for one week                                                            Annual service for hoist

Electricity bill for three weeks                                                          Regular schooling for ponies