Adopt a Pony

Cranleigh RDA is completely self-supporting, relying on fundraising to run the stables at an average cost of £50,000 per year. Our volunteers and instructors are unpaid, giving their time and expertise freely.

Most people know that ponies are very expensive to run. We have all the usual costs e.g. bedding/hay, shoes, vaccinations, tack etc., and many additional costs associated with the management of our sizeable site. The fields have to be harrowed and fertilised, fences repaired, and we have to pay for insurances and licenses and pay our Stable Manager.

We hope that this scheme will not only raise money and awareness but also give adopters pleasure and interest.

Which Pony Can I Adopt?
Please look at Our Ponies for information on each pony.

How Much Does It Cost?
You can adopt a pony for £20 per year. However, do feel free to offer more!

Can I Adopt More Than One Pony?
As many as you like! You will get adoption packs for each one.

What Do I Get?
You will receive a photograph, a badge, an Adoption Certificate, a newsletter and a Christmas card from your pony. You will be able to meet your pony by prior arrangement with our stable manager.

How Do I Adopt a Pony?
Download and print our Adopt a Pony application form (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this), fill it in and send it to the address on the form, or get in contact and we’ll put an application form in the post to you.